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Can these ideas really be winning?


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Truth_is_Truth 3 Jan 14

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I voted for option 2, but to be fair I did it for two reasons 1: because I'm a bit of a natural cynic and 2: I think the optimistic view simply needs a counterbalance as otherwise the nuance of the situation as it unfolds in reality will be glossed over or lost. That is to say, I think that the good ideas will prevail, but that doesn't exclude the possibility that the bad ideas will cause unimaginable harm first or that they'll just go away. Win and lose are terms not fit for purpose until specific criteria for success and failure have been established.


I'm not cool w/ sites which, first thing, want me to accept cookies.

Not diggin' it.


Not clear what you are linking to on euronews because I get a 404 error. Did a google search for 'euronews multilateralism' and got a reasonable link.
While I am hardly qualified to determine which specific ideas are best for the world... I can certainly agree that ideas that affect the whole world are best sorted out by the whole world.
What is it that terrifies you?

ETA: Lemme see if this link will fix it for you.


All I got was an empty page with 404 in big numerals across it and Alan Shepard maybe dancing across the moon's surface. Did I just click on spam when it made me agree to terms and then give me an empty page?

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