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LINK Kamala Harris praises protesters, activists who confronted Trump these last four years - YouTube

Listen to this beauty of a speech! If this doesn't justify the protests on Jan 06 2021, I don't know what ever will!!! MAGA was only making democracy stronger

LogicalThinker 3 Jan 14

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Of Course she would, after all, it was her posse that stormed the Capital, by her and the Democrat's request, so to make out it was Trump's idea, they were always one step ahead of President Trump, sad to say. Now it's his turn to be one step ahead of them, he's not finished yet!! The 20th will only be a stepping stone, till the Democrats fall off that stone!! I wish you well.


On a more serious note, the hypocrisy is rampant.

Manipulating the truth, outright lying and violence are all A-Okay if you are a lefty.

I really don't think they believe they are doing anything wrong, their belief that they are the "good guys" is so strong it has blinded them. They cannot see how wrong their own violence is.

If the left ever really "gets woke" and see themselves, this is what it will look like :


Any other MST3K fans on here?

The landlady is gonna be pissed:

"Are you boys cooking up there?" NO!

"Are you inciting violence?" No!


Did Camel Harris ever condenm BLM rioters riots which went on for months and caused billions of dollars damage to property and lives ?


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