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LINK North Idaho Internet Provider blocks Facebook, Twitter after customer complaints -- Society's Child --

Fight censorship with censorship. Read this and contact your local ISP to block Twitter and Facebook.

dentrawler 6 Jan 13

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So long as they don't block Slug, I'm good 😊


Ok people, that's how you do it. What is good for thee is not good for me. BS.


How many conservatives are up in arms over this as an attack on Freedom of Speech?
Which goes to show it's not Free Speech that they care about but only their speech they care about.

I wouldn't fight it because there are other platforms people can use. It's blocking the blockers, not blocking individual people. Now if they were blocking specific people from accessing those sites based on their IP address... well then I'd go apeshit over the blocking of free speech even for a lib who would sooner spit on me than let me say my own truths.

Pretending corporations are people is kinda what you're saying, and that's how we get issues up in here lol.

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