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LINK IMPEACHMENT 2: Pelosi Picks Eric Swalwell as One of Nine Impeachment Managers | Sean Hannity

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't having a nightmare over this headline. I am incredibly amazed at the gall Pelosi is showing with this appointment of a person who is so compromised to such a degree. Guess I shouldn't be since the progressive left have shown just how far down they are in the pockets of the communist government of China.

turnerjolene48 7 Jan 13

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And the insanity continues


Now China is involved with the impeachmetn.


The headlines below that are interesting as well

Lindsay Graham flip-flops so much... you'd think he was a politician!

Saw this?

'CAN'T MAKE THIS UP': Chuck Schumer’s Guest Booted from Impeachment Trial Over GPS Ankle Bracelet, Felony Charges.

Chuck Schumer’s personal guest to attend the Senate’s ongoing Impeachment trial was removed Wednesday stemming from issues related to his electronic ankle bracelet and multiple felony charges.

“Scenes from the impeachment trial: Schumer invited Lev Parnas to be his personal guest today at the trial. Minutes ago, Parnas was ejected from the gallery…because he’s wearing an ankle bracelet mandated bc he’s a criminal defendant accused of serious felonies!” posted Sen. Ted Cruz on Twitter.

@w0tn0t Yup. Hilarious.

@w0tn0t yes! And fancy Nancy has been missing for 2 days!


#CrazyNancy refuses to admit she screwed bigtime over Swalwell - anyone keeping count on #CrazyNacy's screwups?
Time to #DitchTheWitch


I wonder if Feng Feng will be there, too, with Xi on hold on the smartphone?

Feng Feng or Bang Bang - Swalwell might need some "relief" after all he might be stressed .

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