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Handing Government the keys to social media would make things far worse-

Involving the Government into the equation would not be the solution to the issue at hand.

SpikeTalon 9 Jan 12

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Digital separation en route to political and physical separation


They are already in cahoots.


Howdy @SpikeTalon,

I remember a discussion about the Standard Oil monopoly and the government's attempt to muzzle it. Standard Oil lost their monopoly control when Texas oil fields, which Standard Oil didn't control, came on line. So it was the market, not the Interstate Commerce Commission, that tamed Standard Oil.

I scream bloody murder about the ideological purge led by tech monopolies. Our options are almost as limited as Kansas farmers in their struggles against the Union Pacific. Again, it was the automobile, not the Interstate Commerce Commission, that provided the options.

I'm sure somebody wants to make money in the conservative marketplace. It just sucks waiting for them.


There is a need for a non-partisan "Social Media Ombudsman" ministry, which can arbitrate disputes about banning, censorship and "hate speech". Neither the government nor the big tech firms can be trusted to perform that function.

But where/how do you find ANYTHING that is nonpartisan these days?

@Jmann44492403 I am non-partisan. Aren't you?

@pbuck0145 I try to look at things as objectively as possible, but because I have strong beliefs, I’m sure that I have blind spots. The problem with a ‘ministry’ (great choice of words, by the way), is that it would inevitably be infected with tribal politics, sort of like a ‘blue ribbon commission’, or a ‘panel of experts’. Remember the congressman last year who suggested forming a committee that would choose proper and deserving presidential candidates, to avoid another Trump?


Too true. The Corporate-government IS the problem. They get along far more than we think they do. Both Demicans and Republocrats collude with them in different amounts at different times. They want us to think they are two different parties so they vote differently... yet the agenda keeps inching its way forward. After 9/11 it started getting a little more obvious, and with stupid-vid, uh, I mean the China flu, no, wait, I mean Covid-19, they've really ramped up their plans to a fever pitch.

Things are going to get REALLY interesting around this globe of ours. Are you ready for the fun?

Can't say I think it will be fun, but I am prepared though.

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