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In recent days two reports about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts have come out seriously suggesting a significant bias by him against President Trump and willingness to compromise, potentially, judicial ethics during Court deliberations.

I don't know if I believe either report, however, I have no specific reason to dispute them other than 'he wouldn't be caught saying those things, would he??'

There is also a very old report about the potential for blackmail against Roberts due to his adoption of a child from South America years ago. And a current question if Roberts was a passenger on Epstein's lolita plane.

I think if the media were doing it's job, these stories would raise serious questions about the continuing presence of Roberts on the Court. As it is, I can only add the new stories to the old and the apparent 'leftward' tilt of Roberts in decisions. I DO agree with most analysis of Robert's ACA decision that 'something smelly occurred'.

If they had an audio of Roberts' expressing a serious bias, then I think he has to resign. Absent that, we will have to continue to have a Chief Justice that has lost the confidence of a significant portion of the populace...

tracycoyle 8 Dec 20

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Lin Wood seems to think there's something to the accusations, and even though he's on Trump's side, as a defamation lawyer he's more than aware of repercussions and wouldn't be flinging mud unless he could back it up in court

Nope, slinging accusations based on 'published reports' won't get you into an ounce of trouble...

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