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"The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!" - DJT

What does this mean given that 1/3 of the court are his appointees?

TheMiddleWay 8 Dec 12

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The Establishment GOP gave Trump a list of people to pick. He used it. Let's face it, Trump ran on the promise of draining the swamp but had no idea how to do it. Or maybe he didn't even want to.


The court has NO COURAGE those three appointees were probably told not to get out of line.


also it means that there is not, never was and never will be any support for DJT from any branch or political party. It means that Trump is purely "the peoples choice" - he is an interloper - an anomalous presence in the political swamp. He is unwelcome - which in a convoluted way is to say that "we the people" are unwelcome. We are expected to sit quiet, pay our taxes and be grateful for whatever crumbs of justice might be tossed our way.


obviously it means that wart on the face of the Justice system is showing - Justice in America is and always has been very politicized. Those Justices are just like everyone else under those Black robes. Subject to vanity, corruptible, subjectivity and cowardice. I submit they are cut from the same cloth as those who sit in the chambers of the Legislative Branch. Hand in glove - above all else they insulate themselves one for and all for one from the exposures and the commensurate punishments that they so deserve.

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