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LINK Buster Keaton stunts - YouTube

Magic stunts.

guru 9 Nov 13

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This guy was fuggin amazing, I think his last file was"A funny thing happened on the way to the forum circa 1966, still funny as hell then too (if you've never seen it, catch it if just for the blonde twins)

Might not be twins but these are a nice pair.

@guru just doublechecked IMDB, yeah they were sisters

@MikeHunt I mean the link I sent🙂

@guru Ashamed to admit that I know that's Horse Face in the City, Had a gf that was into that show, but where the Hell did the Aus chick come from? Was that one of the movies? Actually it doesn't matter, still a smokeshow

@guru My accent radar is off, forgive me bars have been closed in NYC for almost a year, could even bee Irish to my ears now

@MikeHunt Movie, Sex and the City 2, 2010 She was in Star Trek Into Darkness and a host of other things.

@guru Yeah, the second i saw kids i had to figure it was a Skanks and/in the city Movie, not the show

@MikeHunt She was born in London. English, Irish and Welsh descent. Probably not an easy accent to pick. Actually I thought she was Australian. Disappointing for me 😟

@guru LOL thanks for admitting that, as a fuggin Yank I was confused, the one thing I knew, she is no KIWI, kinda hard to mistake that one

@MikeHunt We recognize Kiwi's here easily, they are always with a sheep.

@guru killed me here lol

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