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What goes around, comes around eventually...

After lobbying Facebook to silence content, actor Sacha Baron Cohen finds himself silenced by Facebook-

SpikeTalon 9 Oct 26

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That's awesome LOL.


To be fair, he is not silenced. He used a picture saying "covid is a hoax" and that triggered the (what I believe are) bots.

His content isn't silenced. Near as I can tell, my posts on Borat 2 and his Times articles are still up on my FB wall...

When such occurs on social media platforms, technically no one is censored, as such platforms are privately owned and private organizations are free to run their property as they see fit. Don't like how they run their organization? You can always use another platform.

Amen to that...

@TheMiddleWay I refuse to even use platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so they can never have the opportunity to "censor" me.


Yes, it made laugh. Even though this type of censorship makes me sad, I can't help but be amused at how it came back on one of their own crowd.

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