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The establishment/ vote of the federal reserve happened at midnight the night before Christmas so they could get it passed through all the officials/people in charge at the time were with their families nobody would be listening.Unfortunately this is common practice many terrible deeds have been done this way. 

The icing on the cake is that the IRS was established the same year.
Also both not a governmental agency’s officially the fed ,all 12 of them, are privately owned  and governed by unelected “ governors” and is totally unconstitutional both agencies. 

The federal reserve is responsible for the depreciation of the buying power of the dollar at conception 97% to date.  they also TRY TO control the rate of inflation.....inflation equals theft. 

Andyman 7 Oct 19

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That's what happens when the Federal Government gets involved where they should not be.

The Federal Reserve is not the Federal Government.

@dmatic They exist due to an act of Congress though, thus politicians/government had a hand in such even though the Federal Reserve is supposed to be set up like a private corporation. The FR also works with the Department of the Treasury.

@SpikeTalon True, even though it is unconstitutional and should be overturned by a supreme court, but they may be afraid of dying prematurely.

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