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Democrats will introduce a bill to limit supreme Court Justice terms to 18 years-

Bet if the majority of the SCOTUS judges were left-leaning the Dems would not have considered such a bill.

SpikeTalon 9 Sep 25

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I would almost go along with this if the same would apply to the house and senate but neither of these are not possible it would take an amendment to the constitution and they know that if they don't they are stupid


It's an idea worth discussing among both populations AFTER the negotiations for the separation and divorce of Red and Blue Americas are completed.


Well, when the Dems can manage a majority lunatic left court once more, they will no doubt repeal the term limiting bill.


These things are only an issue when the Dems don't get what they want. They certainly don't give a shit about term limits when they're winning. If they want SCOTUS term limits, then they should also want term limits for Congress.


No political office needs to be permanent and without term limitations. Rather than making the limitation that of years on the bench it should be by age. I suggest the age of 80 - once a sitting Judge reaches 79 years of age the POTUS should get busy preparing a list of candidates to nominate for that upcoming empty seat.

I tend to agree with this ideal in general for publically paid politicians and legislatures. They should not be career positions.

I would rather go with a 12-year term for Federal judges and two terms for Congress critters. If a 45 year old is appointed to the federal bench he or she would be there for 35 years if there was a mandatory age 80 retirement. That's WAY too long. Nobody needs a 35 year career on the federal bench. And nobody needs a Congressional parasite like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Shiff, AOC, etc. for more than two terms.


I agree with them, even if there motivation is horrible.


Hi, brand new here, I'm Irish so no real stake in US politics except that I feel it effects me cos the US is so powerful that there politics effects the whole world, as to how much it effects other countries is debatable. But I have to say I've always thought that having a supreme court judge that basically can server until they die or retire is madness. Nevermind that there's the risk for cognitive decline, opinion on stuff being old and possibly not suited to an ever changing world as well as other factors. But I've always felt that picking judges based on there political leanings is totally and utterly wrong, surely that's totally against the idea of the law being blind and only seeing the law. Surely it should be just the most accomplished candidate to take the next seat and if they have a long history of adjudication without political bias the that's how you get the law delivered in its purest and fairest form???

I agree on the political leanings part, Judges should not favor any side or Party.

@SpikeTalon well they're not supposed to, but so too are journalist supposed to just teport the facts. The corruption, unfortunately, runs deep.

@NonAgrssvMight That it does, the corruption.


Spot on they would have tenure for life.


Why not do as they do in Australia and make them retire at 72

: 'A Constitutional Court judge holds office for a non-renewable term of 12 years, or until he or she attains the age of 70, whichever occurs first, except where an Act of Parliament extends the term of office of a Constitutional Court judge.

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