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Anyone hear about this one yet? Waiting for other sources to report on that, so to my understanding nothing has been confirmed beyond any doubt. I wouldn't be the least bit shocked though if the accusations turned out to be true.

Senate report accuses Hunter Biden of paying for hookers who may have been trafficked-

SpikeTalon 9 Sep 23

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His father is on video bragging to the world about withholding funds until they fire the prosecutor investigating his son. This will make conservative headlines for a bit but will not result in anything. So tired of all the talk and investigations that go nowhere. There is no doubt in my mind that Epstein was killed and that hit the headlines and then... nothing. So much posturing, but at the end of the day I think they all have so much dirt on each other, nobody really wants to hit the nuke button and fire the first shot.


Actually, with all the Really Important Information out tgere about Hunter Biden ...
This would be the least of my interests.
If it proves true, it proves he’s a Skeaze Ball ...
Guess what?
I already knew that.

And Donald trump is the model of upright honesty and selfless service to his country. Sure, it is possible that Hunter Biden has made some shady deals. It is common practice among people in power. The only reason he is being hounded is to distract attention from the shady dealings of those hounding him.

Ummm ... if you say so ...
Funny thing happened on the way to this Administration ...
Hunter Biden was ALREADY being reported on ... along with his Pop ... you know, Good Ole Joe ... BEFORE this Administration EXISTED.

I guess you conveniently FORGOT that Inconvenient Fact?

@Bay0Wulf I certainly have not forgotten. These years long investigations with no court actionable findings are still convenient distractions. I do not think the Clinton administration (including Biden) are above reproach, but 20 years of continuous investigations with no convictions is interesting.


And it is especially important that you bring this up on hearsay without sources.

Yeah... that's why I mentioned above nothing had been confirmed yet, not that I had heard anyway.

What's hearsay? What's unconfirmed? Joe is on video bragging to the CFR about how he threatened to withhold $6 billion from the Ukraine unless the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma was fired. Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma, to the tune of $83K a month. This is not speculation, nor is it theory.

@Edgework Where may I see the documentation?

Do your own fucking homework.


The damning quote:

> There is extensive public reporting concerning Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement with prostitution services. Records on file with the Committees do not directly confirm or refute these individual reports. However, they do confirm that Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution.

I can't help but notice that it starts with saying they can't deny or confirm and then in the next sentence saying they confirm.
And that of the three things they "confirm", one is "possible" (but not actually) trafficking, another is "potential association" (but not actual) association... but the "adult entertainment industry" has no such hypothetical qualifiers.

So 1) is possible and 3) is potential but 2) has no such qualifier.
If I were a betting man, I'd be on 2) being the case with 1) and 2) introduced as a way to make the potentially (LOL) innocent seem more nefarious.


I haven't read the report yet, but Jeffrey Epstein owned a modeling agency in Ukraine that he used for sex trafficking. I wonder if there's a connection here.


Heard some of it on Hannity this afternoon, citing the report referenced in another comment. Not really hard to believe. Kicked out of the Navy, history of drug abuse, sweetheart foreign investment deals, fathered a child with a stripper..........many in the Biden family have profited from Joe’s political career; Hunter seems to have a problem with self-control, among other things.


"The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released an 87-page report in conjunction with the Senate Treasury Committee on Wednesday detailing conflicts of interest and potentially criminal activity by Hunter while his father was vice president."

It would seem prostitution isn't the only allegation. I'm still working my way through the 87 page report (linked above) Kind of suprising to see reporters jumping all over Biden right now, considering all the softballs they previously have been throwing. Wonder how exactly this new information may or may not affect the election.

I haven't seen this press conference in it's entirety yet on YouTube. Only this clip. Still looking. I'm interested in seeing it if anyone has a link.


What about the old man?


Know about the hookers, not the traffic part.


The little drug addled nitwit is a reflection of his father, corrupt through his soul.


With great sadness for the trafficked hookers, can this please be true?


God I hope that is true.

Haha, you and I both.


This is the first I've seen of that aspect. The only reporting I've seen so far has been regarding new Trump-Russia ties that came out from it.


I wouldn't be surprised if it was both. Though to be fair, the report is considered highly partisan.

I also found this:


President Trump has spent over a year trying to “prove” that Joe Biden’s activities in Ukraine were corrupt. He and lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani schemed over this for many months, with Trump ultimately trying to strong-arm the Ukrainian president into announcing an investigation into those activities, which got Trump impeached even as the smears they manufactured crashed and burned.

Now Trump has been counting on Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) to validate these narratives, via an inquiry conducted by the Homeland Security committee, which Johnson chairs. The goal was to use the official sheen of a Senate probe — one also conducted with the Finance Committee — to manufacture the impression of wrongdoing on Biden’s part.

But as befits this cast of bumblers and incompetents, the star witness in the GOP’s own investigation has actually further undermined those smears.

Johnson has now released his long-awaited (by Trump, anyway) report on his investigation. One of its big revelations is supposed to be that George Kent, a top State Department official, testified that he “raised concerns” inside the Obama administration about appearances of conflicts of interest surrounding the business activities of the then-vice president’s son Hunter.

But, while that itself is true, there’s a big problem here: Kent also gave the committee testimony that completely undermines the larger narrative that Trump and Republicans have tried to spin into political gold for over a year.

The basic story they have long tried to tell goes like this. As vice president, Biden sought the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect Burisma, an energy company that was paying Hunter Biden a lucrative salary to sit on its board, from investigation. Joe Biden also conditioned foreign aid on that prosecutor’s ouster.

All this is supposed to show that Biden corrupted Obama administration foreign policy on his son’s behalf.

But this “Hunterghazi” tale has been widely debunked. In reality, Burisma was not even being investigated at the time, and the vice president was working to oust that Ukrainian prosecutor because the prosecutor himself was corrupt.

That was the actual Obama administration policy, and this goal was backed by international institutions precisely because they had a stake in a corruption-free Ukraine. GOP senators were briefed by Obama officials about this policy at the time, including about the conditioning of foreign aid, and had no objections to it.

Kent himself — that would be the Republicans’ own star witness — has now confirmed much of this, in testimony to the committee as part of the GOP’s own investigation.

In that testimony, as the Democratic response to the GOP report details, Kent knocked down every key pillar of the GOP story line:

Kent debunked the idea that Burisma was protected from investigation, stating that “I did not witness any effort by any U.S. official to shield Burisma from scrutiny.”

Kent debunked the idea that the U.S. effort to oust the Ukrainian prosecutor was about stopping an investigation into Burisma, flatly stating that it was not.

Kent confirmed that the quest for that ouster was about purging Ukraine of corruption, noting that “Ukrainian society” wanted the prosecutor gone because he was “protecting corrupt friends.”

Kent confirmed that the conditioning of aid as leverage had nothing to do with Hunter Biden and that it originated with those involved in formulating “Ukraine policy.”

The Johnson report purports to use Kent’s concerns about appearances of conflict of interest to create the impression of corruption on Joe Biden’s part. It notes that in the last years of the Obama administration, Kent raised concerns to officials in Biden’s office about the “perception” of a conflict of interest, which he called “awkward.”

The GOP report notes that Kent testified about this before the committee. But as the GOP report itself shows, in that testimony Kent worried that critics would use Hunter Biden’s involvement to question the true motives behind administration policy, not that the motives themselves were problematic.

To be fair, the part of the story concerning appearances is problematic. Hunter Biden should not have taken the Burisma money. It did create perceptions of a conflict. State Department officials were in fact preoccupied with these appearances.

And such perceptions themselves are bad. They undermine public faith in the integrity of government, even if there are no genuine underlying conflicts — that is, no actual cases of public officials using the government for private gain — as in this case there aren’t.

It’s also fair to question the judgment of the vice president in allowing this to happen, though it’s unclear what control he might have exercised over his son, who had other personal problems that reportedly anguished his father.

But the bottom line here is that the central holy grail that Trump and Republicans have been pursuing just isn’t there.

Comically, the GOP report deals with this by slipping in the following line:

The extent to which Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board affected U.S. policy toward Ukraine is not clear.

Not clear? Actually it is clear: Hunter Biden’s role didn’t affect U.S. policy toward Ukraine.

Indeed, the line itself constitutes a striking admission: After pouring over a year of effort into making this seem like a scandal, they could not produce evidence of their central claim.

The ultimate irony here is that this effort to prove that Joe Biden abused official resources for personal gain is itself an example of exactly this — but on the part of Trump and his co-conspirators.

Just as Trump subverted U.S. foreign policy to his personal gain by attempting to bulldoze a foreign ally under duress into helping validate his campaign messaging, the GOP report is yet another attempt to manipulate a government product for Trump’s gain. It may be dressed up with vague insinuations and the imprimatur of an oversight committee, but it’s just one more crass, shameless misuse of official resources.




I think we can see, at last, the hidden motivation to impeach Trump no matter what. The story on the Biden’s, the whole family, has been surfacing, most prominently in Peter Schweizer’s Profiles In Corruption earlier this year. Glenn Beck also put out a massive four part documentary during the impeachment that unraveled the full Ukraine maze going back to the Obama years. This is what they’ve been desperate to hide. The full scope of the corruption may never be known, but Russian whores are nothing more than a side show for Hunter Biden and his corrupt old man.

If you we’re getting $83K a month for doing nothing and staying out of the way, you might indulge yourself in a bit of forbidden excess yourself. You have to remember: the Biden’s have been up to their necks in grime since 1973. Their assumption has been, “We’ll get away with it.” And why not? They always have,

Dance a little side step and lead the people on......


Haven’t read it yet, but here it is: []

See the last bullet point at the end of the summary.


Senate report? hmmm. So which Senate committee commissioned the investigation, who did the investigation and how was that done.
I suppose there are "unidentified or anonymous witnesses used as sources for the information.

I don't doubt the probable accuracy and truth of the story but until there is hard evidence and a formal referral to DOJ with recommendation for indictment all you have is rumor and innuendo.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

Hence the part of my comment above saying nothing has been determined beyond any doubt as of yet, and I'm not holding my breath either in regards to Hunter Biden actually facing any consequences for possible crooked behaviors...

"Sources say...:, says the New York Times.
"Sources say..." , says the Daily Beast
"Sources say...", says the Government

When you can't see the source, the source can say pretty much damn well anything you want it to say!

@TheMiddleWay yes

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