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Why is Genetic Engineering Taboo?

So, why is it so taboo to breed a superior human? Why is it bad to prevent bad genes from passing own? Hitler thought Caucasians were master race but the concept (regardless of which race) intrigues me. I don’t see why it’s taboo. It doesn’t say anything about that in the Bible

FrozenSoul 6 Sep 21

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I think the taboo is more common sense based than Biblical proscription. We've only been able to completely catalog human DNA for about 35 years. I would be surprised if we actually understand all the interrelations between genes and until we are sure we do to believe that we can "create" a better human being with genetic manipulation is hubris. Most instances where man thinks he can order the world better than nature don't work out so well.


Via secondary sexual characteristics, humans have been inadvertently practicing genetic engineering for several millennia.


Hitler thought Aryans were the master race and that Germans were Aryan. However Slavs who are Caucasian as well were thought to be “Untermenschen”


the Bible says all people are made in the likeness of God, and you just called that inferior. you have suggested that what God has done isn't good enough and man must do it better. thats not even getting into what people think is good lol. far be it from me to suggest someone else's path is dark, but yikes...

The Bible don’t mean anything at all to me. Im of Nordic blood. Nordic people were not in the Middle East TIL recent times. I follow the God of my ancestors

@SocialDarwin perfect ! cause I don't care anything about you or your ancestors... but you did mention the bible at the end of your post.... so....that.

I mentioned Bible because Christians need to realize genetic engineering is ok.
So are u Caucasian?

@SocialDarwin lol

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