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Dave Morrison makes some excellent points.

# Do we need to remain silent to support free speech? Personally, I am ambivalent.
pbuck0145 8 Sep 20

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I don't understand the problem. I love seeing #Black people on their knees. 😉

Also, I really don't care. I'd be a hypocrite if I complained about attacks on the free speech of the Right only to demand that the Left not have the same right. I'm perfectly content with them complaining about systemic racism and whatnot, so long as I have the right to voice my concerns about Black crime rates and social degeneracy in kind.

More free speech, not less.

*I'd feel bad for giraffes
hauling this trash back to Africa
sad for my 94-year-old grandpa
Who fought in the war and got ignored and called deplorable after
Now we got these groid athletes, acting like spoiled brats
crying they're exploited by crackers, tell me...
what slave gets a Rolls Royce from his master?

  • Mr Bond, The Storm

Sorry, screw BLM and their supporters. Players can choose to bring politics into sport, and we have the right to not participate or attend!


Thanks Dave, personally this is an issue I care very little about couse like Dave I have little interest in team sports.


Professional athletes SHOULD keep their mouths/actions shut and do what THEY what they are paid for, "PLAY BALL"!!!!!!!!!!

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