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Nancy Pelosi is not ruling out a second round of impeachment to block SCOTUS pick-

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats remained open to launching a second impeachment this year in order to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

“You want people to get out and vote, and even there’s no guarantee that the White House and Senate Republicans won’t try to push through a Supreme Court nomination in a lame-duck session,” ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos said during an interview with the Democratic leader on “This Week.”

SpikeTalon 9 Sep 20

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Lock him up!


House impeachment proceedings could take weeks to complete. How would that interfere with Senate proceedings prior to the trial? Doesn't the Senate have some control over the trial commencement?


Impeachment! What an ignorant warped moron

That's putting it mildly...


Bring it. Record numbers of Democrat voters are ashamed of their party already.

Right. I think I recall the Democrats poll numbers dropping and the President's poll numbers rising during the last impeachment.

That they are, walking away from the Dem Party.


All the more reason to fill the seat.



Impeachment loses all credibility when it's used as a temper tantrum and nothing more.

Even more so when they were absolutely, unequivocally, unconstitutionally wrong to block Garland's nomination 4 years ago because of an upcoming (32 weeks away... fucking GOP idiots)...
...but by the same logic, absolutely, unequivocally in the right and constitutional to fill that seat ASAP, regardless of elections 7 weeks away.

Temper tantrums abound these days in politics...

Unbelievable. Pelosi, Feinstein call for Tump's assassination and you call the GOP idiots.


Pelosi, Feinstein call for Tump's assassination

That's a scandalous accusation. 😮
Proof, please.

How can they possibly go to the election circus that is about to unfold without 9 SCOTUS justices?

Same way they went into the last election without 9 justices I suppose...

@TheMiddleWay well, I don't think anyone anticipated the the kind of chaotic circus last time around that we are being assured by the lunatic left is going to happen this time. A SCOTUS capable of rendering decisive decisions will likely be req'd.

Plus this time around with Trump's nomination, the situation is vastly different. Obama was putting up a nominee to an opposing Senate. The Srnate does not have to confirm. In fact they absolutely should not have confirmed if they do not believe the nomination will do the constitutional job they were voted in to effect. This time around, it is likely Trump will put up a nominee who will legislate the constitution as most conservative agree it should be legislated. So yes, the Senate, being of the same political leaning as Trump will and likely should affirm.

Is there anyone with 2 braincells or more who do not yet realize how the Dems seek only seek power to further destroy the Republic? That has been on display for a long time, but never so blatantly as the travesties we've all been witness to the past 4 years. The Dems snd their following need to be cancelled stat! No questions asked!

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