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Flights to Nowhere

I just learned about these "flights to nowhere" taking place. It struck me as both funny as well as pretty cool. Considering lockdowns, travel restrictions, and everything else, it's an interesting concept to go on a scenic sight seeing flight. Also helps the airlines out financially, so win win for those interested (and can afford it lol).

Of course there's other criticism, as is with anything. Some environmentalists are finding issues with it.


"Passengers will be "helping to destroy the Great Barrier Reef they view from their windows," said Mark Carter, a campaigner from Flight Free Australia."
(Referring to carbon emissions)

Still, it's less carbon emission than normal flights. Plus, the views really look amazing.

saramarylop3z 7 Sep 19

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Driving around in a plane going nowhere, for no reson other than to satisfy the curiosity of a bunch of rich narcissists is asinine. I'm not a left wing climate change lunatic, but come on?


Of course environmentalists hate it... they were hoping the pandemic would kill air travel and help bring on at least part of AOC's Green New Deal! They want planes grounded for good - along with civilization!

For people who are feeling trapped in their state with COVID-19 restrictions, it's a legal way to (sort of) cross closed or restricted state borders and see some sights without quarantining - even if it's only at altitude.

I can understand this giving people a nice view of remote natural landscapes, but flying at low altitude over Sydney Harbour? Oh, well. Presumably they have put some thought into this...


Umm, really? But... why??

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