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While I may not agree with every point the author made, I do agree with him on the primary point brought up. Far-left radicals are not liberals, as most of them openly identify as Marxist and socialist sympathizers, which is far removed from being a true liberal. Liberal is derived from the word liberty, and most if not all of the Founding Fathers would have been considered liberal for their time. Individual liberty and the real liberals who value that concept are from the political right, not left, although even the left at one point believed somewhat in individual liberties as well. I for one refuse to call a Marxist sympathizer a liberal.

Stop calling far left radicals "liberals"-

SpikeTalon 9 Sep 15

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SpikeTalon I do agree the meaning of words are changed to manipulate, as Democrat does not mean democracy. I get in a lot of arguments about that and Liberal is Libertarian, not Leftist Communism. But Marxists are Communist. Funny huh.


Raises some good points! I tend to use "the Left" when referring to leftists, but that's probably not entirely fair. What I struggle with is how to describe the Democratic party. Liberal or Leftist?

Eh, leftist or leftwing sounds good to me.

The Democratic party is quite Liberal, with a thin disguise to appeal to left-leaning people.


Yes I agree they definitely couldn’t be considered to be liberals. Hell many if those left wing idiots seem to be hell bent on overthrowing the US government.


I suggest not identifying with any group label...doing so gives people like Gates or Zuckerberg the program language to use to hack your mind..

That would be ideal, but somehow doubt most people could avoid the urge to use labels though.


I have been saying for decades and I have said it here on IDW, FB, You Tube...those who today call themselves "liberal" are anything but.
The word "liberal" was hijacked a very long time ago. In its original meaning and usage the word "liberal" described a person who keeps and open mind. That is to say a person who is at least willing to listen to opinions before formulating a rejection of those ideas.

The thing is that Marxism as well as Capitalism are often forcefully driven in extreme ways - to a degree to where they become fascistic.

Folks who call themselves "liberals" are the most iL-liberal people around. Not only do they reject challenging ideas out of hand they immediately respond with verbal and physical attacks on anyone who dares to challenge their ideology.

The point of attack is where an ideology becomes fascistic and "fascism" is antithetical to the true definition of "liberalism"

Thought you would be interested in the above. We have to keep saying this...

I agree with you. I identify as Liberal but I’m not a communist. I support gays, pro-choice, Secular government, small government. I HATE the perpetual welfare we have and I support small business.
The one reason I support single pay healthcare is I think it would help small business function with just few employees.

@SocialDarwin the primary problem with "single payer" is that it gives gov't the ability to micro-manage every aspect of your life. There has NEVER been a gov't dictated or regulation that has not be implemented and abused beyond the scope of its so called "good intentions"

'Liberal' is a very attractive label to attach to oneself. It implies that one has possessions and power, and is willing by the kindness of one's heart, to concede some to others. With real or imagined power, I become narrow minded and bigoted towards those who I perceive as less endowed than me.

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