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The upcoming second lockdown of the UK bring to mind the death throws of an injured deer on the road side where you wish for it’s recovery although you know the decent thing to do is put it out of its misery am I brave enough or do I hope for a miracle. I hope against hope for the awakening that I believe will come but then the alert mind of the narrator hands power from the cannon fodder of key workers to the average neighbour who is without friends or influence and gets their time to shine. I see people clamouring to get their Pre lockdown partners now swiping on their phones because they don’t want to get caught out again on the last night of having it large until they are forced to decide which 6 people they want to dine with on their fucked up desert island disc selection. No matter how you scream for them to wake up they still sleep and am I to blame? am I the causation of this inability to see the stark future before them when I believed that my work ethic and absolute attention would suffice. Just because I grew up in poverty and in my shame to shake it off my attempts to bring a better future seems old fashioned to the ones who have derived the most. All seems lost to me at the moment and my life’s work seems to be puerile but I will not give up I will not give in because my grandchildren will need to know how to fix it

CHFandango 6 Sep 12

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That is optimistic.

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