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Let me quote you Justin from the article: "We've seen, following that, people on either side of the spectrum trying to use these elements as a way of furthering debates," the prime minister said, only in French: "I think that we're seeing, particularly on the extreme right, that they're trying to start culture wars and divide Canadians on issues such as that."
You know very well it was not the Right who toppled the Statue. You know who caused the toppling of the statue and who wants to dismantle our Canadian culture. Please speak TRUTH.
Blame game does not work, Mr PM. We need leaders to pull us all together not those throwing stones. Are you too young to understand that? I am an old man, but this principle of leadership is much much older than me. Apparently, when immersed in politics, we seem to set aside all values and principles that helped make our Country Canada the Best Country in the World.

drshallal 6 Sep 9

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