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Elites only care about the politics of riots, not the lives and property lost-

Portland militants eclipsed 100 days of consecutive rioting this weekend to cap off a historic summer of unrest, which appears likely to persist through election day as campaigns amplify nationwide divisions.

After months of exhaustive attempts to downplay the riot violence, and even justify the brutality, Democratic elites and their allies in corporate media have begun to change their tune on the destructive forces gripping the nation’s cities. They are now decrying the left-wing savagery, not out of concern for fellow citizens, but rather to ensure a Democratic re-election this fall after observing a notable shift in the presidential race in Trump’s favor.

SpikeTalon 9 Sep 8

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So far, it does seem the riots were ignored by Congress and Senate to be blamed on the President, until murders showed the violence, then the Senate went quiet and some in Congress rooted for the riots. Mayors and Governors are responsible for all loss from damage and crisis. The Media having Reporters claiming Peaceful Protests in front of fire and destruction was and is disgraceful.

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