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LINK Exclusive: alex jones rips the mask off democrat plan to steal 2020 election from president trump - youtube

Exclusive: alex jones rips the mask off democrat plan to steal 2020 election from president trump...

Aztex2020 6 Sep 6

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If people are Stupid enough to vote Democrat, then you deserve to be poor, and it will become worse with them. Of course the Rich are going to try and control the voting so Democrats win, because the Democrats need to keep people poor so you stay dumbed down and conform to what they want.
On the other hand, Trump is trying to create jobs which enhance the living conditions for all people including the poor!!
I can even see this way over here in AUSTRALIA!!!
Facebook and all the rest of the top rich lot can't let you vote for Trump or They'll have to pay more TAX to help those less fortunate, IF DEMOCRAT VOTERS CAN'T SEE THAT, THEN THEY NEED GLASSES AND ALSO A NEW BRAIN, BECAUSE THE ONE THEY'VE GOT HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED THE WRONG WAY!!! I wish everyone well.

100% Agree .. can not imagine how anyone would vote for Biden and even more so for Harris 😟 but hey Commicrats still seem to have some interest in what Killery has to say. Without any other consideration, Why is Killery and Biden not behind bars at this point along with Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney waiting for the noose? It is very clear they are all involved in pay to play and have sold Americans out to China :'( they all still seem to be getting all their info from MSM amazing. I listen to NPR radio from time to time while on the road in rural New Mexico (still many places we get no real reception for cell phones or radio) and I am amazed to hear the downright LIES they broadcast and they are subsidized by the FedGovCorp 😟 MSM/Hollywood = WMD of the NWO = distract + distort + deceive + delay = Divide & DESTROY

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