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LINK Donald Trump demands Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin is fired after she confirmed Atlantic report

I honestly don't understand how people are defending Trump, and accusing the Atlantic report of lying.

He literally said "I like people who weren’t captured" when talking about war heroes. He attacked Gold Star families. And people can't fathom him saying worse things in private?

JacksonNought 7 Sep 5

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You don't understand yet? Trump is not president because he is a sweetheart, he lies, says rude remarks, but keeps his word, and fights to keep his promise. He was talking about a vet, a POW who may have snitched on other soldiers, ones who may have shot the man. The President was a Democrat and is now a Republican, he's trying to help the U.S. and you shouldn't listen to media bitch about everything he says.

... you don't see the irony of your statement? "He lies" but "keeps his word"?

@JacksonNought yes I do see, campaigning promise kept, it's his blunder exaggerated bs that is the same as most arrogant rich, but when it is an important subject he speaks his truth, and that get socialist pissing because he can't be controlled to change the government. Ya, he keeps his word, talks a little bs but keeps his word.

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