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Any deviant artists out there? I just put up my newest piece, featuring a personal character named Mikamamii, that was once a neopet I adopted(if you're familiar with that old place) but has over the years evolved to be her own character, looking pretty much nothing like the original source. Funnily enough she wasn't even my favorite of my various pets, but she was the one I put the most mature time into, as opposed to my other OP angsty edgelords and wackos that I shudder to think back on.

I hope one day to write a story featuring her, or getting her to be a doll, like maybe a BJD.

I used to want to draw digitally but I am a slow learner and even though I'm a millennial I'm not very tech savvi. I just... I dunno... I tried for some years but just never seemed to advance. So mostly I draw by hand and color with alcohol based markers, though I'm still not good at blending, whether I use a blending marker or not. I do still go into Sai for little touch ups, especially as I like to utilize the space I have on each page, which means parts of other half-done characters floating around. (A decent sketchbook is expensive!)

Character drawing is my strong point, as well as making up their back stories and personalities. Writing is... harder than it should be because of certain conditions. I also like to draw comics now and then but it's another weak point. I'm not good at drawing consistently at all even with Micky who I have drawn more than any other character ever probably.

When it comes to art, what's your jam? What mediums and things do you like to draw?

Hiro 4 Aug 28

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