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LINK Jim Watkins Is Q And The Russians Are Helping Him

"The man behind Qanon is a vile hate-merchant coordinating with OANN, Flynn and Russian intelligence."

"Russian Intelligence is Currently Using Qanon to Interfere with the 2020 Elections"

JacksonNought 7 Aug 26

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That's funny. Q is whoever's writing the specific story, gathering public information and creating a theory. Most that get bothered don't like the theory being to close to truth.

Yep, so close to the truth. Satanists kidnapping children and harvesting some weird chemical to gain immortality, small business pizza restaurants somehow housing vast underground tunnels to traffic children, a secret deep-state cabal that only contains Liberals / Democrats / Hollywood - no Conservatives or Republicans, Trump being a "stable genius" who is infallible... so true.

@JacksonNought I do hope you understand exaggerated metaphors, it does explain theories without specific details of a pattern. It gets fun when someone connects dots showing activities of different groups who have no specific leader, just ideology.

@MilesPurdue you want to believe there is some group of elite rich plutocrats who run the country by influencing policy, or that the super-rich will be corrupted by their power and engage in sexual crimes, go right ahead - heck, I am right there with you.

Where it gets ludicrous, completely disprovable, and as far from the truth as you can get, is when you start believing that only Liberals / Democrats are involved, that there are Satanists extracting chemicals and eating children, and that Donald Trump is an infallible virtuous warrior.

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