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LINK House Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Resolution To Condemn QAnon

"Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski and Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman on Tuesday introduced a bipartisan resolution in the US House to condemn QAnon, which has increasingly started to take hold in mainstream politics after originating as a fringe conspiracy theory on the internet.

The resolution 'condemns QAnon and rejects the conspiracy theories it promotes,' according to a draft released by Malinowski's office."

JacksonNought 7 Aug 25

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To me it's rather funny, an article from CNN. About everything that I have read from QAnon is public information. The writers do put their opinions in it. That may be what worries the government. Any restrictions on the media should be for truth, not just opinions, but facts from a News Outlet.

Symbolic legislation to call for bipartisan condemnation of dangerous Q conspiracies.

"The FBI said last year their theories are likely to 'motivate some domestic extremists' but Trump gave the group a public embrace last week, saying, 'I've heard these are people who love our country.' He added he didn't know much about the movement 'other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate.'

@JacksonNought yes, I understand the push for government officials to show a negative outlook for QAnon, be good if they all do that for blm and antifa also, ya know the ones actually causing terrorist activities from the left extremist.

@MilesPurdue "ya know the ones actually causing terrorist activities"

Q Anon has caused shootings, kidnappings, murders, train derailment, and other acts of terrorism.

@JacksonNought [] link might work, to show just theories of theories, just like ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC and all the other media outlets. Q stepped up like WIKI to show reality in government, always called theories. Democrats in office have allowed groups to cause destruction and harm. DNC terrorist?


wait just a minute! according to the Dems Qanon is a hoax - doesn't am I mistaken about that?
So what are they proposing? Are they trying to make the name Qanon legally verboten? Are the dems trying to codify speech itself? If the name is spoken or written will there be fines and imprisonment? Just WTF is going on here?! Ha!

Seems pretty clear to me. It's a symbolic legislation to get representatives on board with disavowing the radical conspiracy, one which actually harms real efforts in combatting serious child abuse.

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