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I like to talk about my dreams and my "Dreamscape." The dreamscape puzzles me as if I dream about something from Skyrim, a game I have played heavily and several times because my profiles kept getting deleted before I completed the main quest. It puzzles me that the dreamscape version of Skyrim looks nothing like in the game except for one area that somewhat resembles the fields west of Dragonsreach. It ought to look more like the game as I know the landscape pretty well, but it doesn't and the towns are weirdly tiny and squished in. I do actually come across 'dungeons' where I have to solve a puzzle, but I honestly wonder if the puzzle actually was solved logically or if within the dream it seemed logical. I've gone over a puzzle multiple times, failing over and over before getting it right, but I wonder if it would have made sense in the real game or if my dream logic glossed over it to make it feel like it was a real puzzle from the game with a real solution.

I also find it annoying that if there's enough emotion behind it if I'm fighting in a dream I wake up punching the wall or my sidetable. Took the skin off my knuckles once. I didn't used to until I had a bad reaction to a certain medication. It was dying down for a time but the other day I was so angry at a person or creature that I kicked it and woke up kicking the wall. I've caused myself to be scared awake, wake up laughing, and once pushing myself off my stomach because I was a wolf crouching, about to strike an enemy.

In my dreamscape that's supposed to be my home area I grew up at there are elements of other places I lived placed in the general area. There's a specific church from the real world there, but past it instead of country roads there's a road up a mountain to an old friend's house from across the state whom I haven't seen in years. And when I dream I'm there it's always weird and uncomfortable.

My worst repetitive dream though is I'm partway from one place to home and I have to walk slowly along. I once realized it was that dream, got mad and sat down, refusing to move. But nothing happened for so long I finally gave up and started walking. It's always strange because getting from point A to point B sometimes randomly includes walking through someone's house, often up or down stairs and out a window.

Another dream I often had, which manifested from my love of big old houses and mansions. I would dream I'm walking by a beautiful house and a door is opened to an interesting room. Before I know it I'm inside sneaking around exploring. Then I get caught and have to explain why I'm in their house. lol

I hate trying to fly in my dreams. It's always a huge effort to gain any height and there seems to be an invisible ceiling preventing me from getting as high as I want to. and it's hard staying up. For like three nights in a row I dreamed I flew with an umbrella and controlled the wind or something, but I was constantly coming back down to the ground when I was trying to stay afloat. I really hate that. Even when I used to lucid dream I could never quite harness the power to manipulate my ability to fly so that it was proper flying. It's always more like jumping/falling with style, as Woody would say of Buzz Lightyear. Just not as fast paced.

Several times I've dreamed my younger sister and I were having the same dream and I would wake up so confused and have to ask her if it really happened.

What I absolutely hate the most is that I often have a dream within a dream within a dream ad infinitium, or however that's said. I would keep "waking up" and going about getting ready for the day, describing my dream to my sister, and then the dream would progress, get weird and dreamlike again, I'd "wake up", rinse repeat. It would often make me exhausted when I really did wake up and had to get dressed and start the day again, but for real.

Hiro 4 Aug 22

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I love my dreams and dreaming. I've had numbers of dreams that have come true - Some are incredibly accurate in the details. Others were much more symbolic, but accurate if the symbolism (which was actually rather simplistic) is deciphered.

I like to keep a dream journal, although I've slacked off the past few weeks. It's amazing how detailed colorful dreams can become when keep a journal. I suppose it's like telling your sub-conscious that dreams are important and rewards you.

I can attest that you don't die if you die in your dream. I've died in dreams several times. I think it represents a symbolic death, some deep psychological change or overcoming.

It sounds to me like you're very near having lucid dreams. Did you ever try meditating before you fall asleep? There's a number of techniques for achieving lucid dreams you can find on Youtube that can help if you're interested.

You may have noticed my avatar - It's my own (Micrsoft paint) version of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams who had wings growing from his temples.

Interesting thought about death in dreams. I myself have died in dreams as well(one time I went to heaven but it was like a renaissance painting made into a room, after I got blown up by a terrorist bomb). For a time I was deeply depressed and I had constant nightmares about pain and dying horribly by horror-like antagonists, or being in a hostage situation where we were about to be killed one by one, and offering to go first. My faith kept me from being suicidal but I still wanted to "not be" alive. It wasn't that I wanted to kill myself so much as just have a dreamless nothingness for maybe a decade or a hundred years. Honestly, dreams were where I was happiest, so for a time I was sleeping all the time. I'd get up around noon for breakfast maybe go on the internet for a little, then go back to bed, wake at 9 at night, eat dinner, take my pills and go back to bed.

I did meditate once before going to bed and slept wonderfully but after trying again it never worked. I am trying to remember to do prayer writing, which helps me organize my thoughts and let out my worries and such before going to sleep, but it's hard making it into a habit.

I don't think I've ever had a prophetic dream, but my older sister has ESP and I have it a little. An example of her foresight, one time she was on the way home thinking that there were no African princesses in the Disney Princess group, and when she got home and went on google there was an announcement for Tiana. One time our parents got a call that a relative committed suicide and both she and I thought at the same time that maybe it only looked like a suicide, but was an accident, and it turned out it was an accident indeed.

A reoccurring nightmare I've had pretty much even before I could drive was that the brakes don't properly work.No matter how hard I press them I'm slowly inching into the crossroad or careening up into people's yards trying to avoid crashing. In the last ten years I've even dreamed I'm driving but can't keep my eyes open so I'm often driving blind. Usually the attempts to open my eyes cause me to actually wake up.

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