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Black Crime Matters

Excellent summary on the savagery of the African by The Red Elephants Blog.
Please read and share.

Nothing new here. Jared Taylor (The Color of Crime) and Colin Flaherty (White Girl Bleed A Lot) have been documenting this for decades. Nevertheless the article, with its video links, graphs, and statistical sources, is all one would need to be convinced of and to convince others of the danger Africans pose to our people and civilization. It also touches on the Muslim problem.

Here are a just a few points:

  • In 2018 there were nearly 600,000 Black/White interracial felonies committed. Ninety percent of the time the Black was the perpetrator.

  • Blacks are also 18 times more likely to shoot and kill a police officer than the other way around.

  • Black suspects are not more likely to be shot by white officers than black officers.

  • Blacks also are more likely to attack Hispanic and Jews and Asians than the other way around.

When will a White conservative politician stand up and dare to say “Black Crime Matters”?


PostUmbraLux 5 Aug 21

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