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Q & A
...with the Death Metal Buddha

What are some examples of how quantum physics and mechanics can affect my daily life?
They affect your life every moment you’re awake because the quantum state is your world. No quantum state, no world.

What are some examples of the Introverted Intuition thought process?
Intuition has nothing to do with introversion. Intuition is your Guide for navigating the streets of confusion and con artists.

What gives an impression that people are unhappy all the time?
Their bodies will manifest their inner state by the emotional state change’s ability to trigger the cues for physically representing the inner emotions.

How do people’s different choices shape the economy? Why don’t all people choose the same thing?
I don’t entertain economies as I see the monetary system as a Paradise Destroyer. I can tell you why our tastes are different. If you change the DNA and the environment the body is raised in, you get different results. Same exact body in the same exact environment will cause the exact same choices.

How can I eliminate instant gratification to improve myself?
The ‘self’ you think you are improving is a perceptually-dependent self and doesn’t actually exist. Here-and-Now experience, on the other hand, is actually real. An illusory experience is an oxymoron.

Must we simplify what is too complex to understand it, or can we understand how to deal with it simply?
When you understand the true nature of reality, there is no reason to use obfuscating language.

How scientific is Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis?
“Both the event and the feelings experienced during that event are stored in the brain.” - Eric Berne
Neither events nor feelings experienced during that event are stored in the brain. Why? Because feelings are states of being, not information. The events don’t need to be stored in the brain. The mind that perceives what the brain represented dimensionally can recreate events it experienced via that brain the same way it can create events that had no brain involvement.

What's the difference between being insecure about something and being self-conscious about something?
Being insecure is an expectation that the world is responsible for your sense of security and you entertain the idea that this expectation will be met with disappointment.
Self conscious is entertaining the idea that you must be perceived as perfect and yet perceived self-flaws corrode that hoped-for reality.

Why are we distracted rather than being able to concentrate on achieving our own goals and plans which we dream of?
Distractions come from this world. Your goals and aims don’t. They’re either manufactured by your own mind or someone planted them in your mind. You’re in a sensory body for the purposes of experiencing this spacetime reality via the senses.

What have you learned on your journey that has transformed you into who you are now?
I learned that sin is what religions call what acting out our natural desires are and to call ‘natural’ ‘unnatural’ is a fatal logic error.

Zteph 6 Aug 20

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