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Disney's Dismal 3rd Quarter Financial Woes

Disney's situation is dismal as revealed by their 2020 3rd quarter financial report.

With all the theme parks and movie theaters closed, Disney has amassed over $30 billion of debt and loss in just the last 3 months of the pandemic.

Disney+ is their last hope of bouncing back but it simply is not bringing in enough subscribers to cover the costs of the platform, nevermind recoup what they have spent on Mulan, Black Widow, The Mandalorian, and various Marvel properties.

Disney Plus has only brought in 6 million subscribers in the last 3 months and is barely keeping Disney alive.

I take a deep dive into Disney's current financial standing and signs of major changes happening at The Walt Disney Company.

Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy have been off the radar for several months now and I also take a look at their lack of appearances as of late.

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NotMySTARWARS 5 Aug 20

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