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Are we living in the age of narcissism?

Over the last five years the word 'narcissist' has popped up in conversation more times than I can count. I know this is one of those words, like 'love' and 'genius', that gets lobbed around without people really considering what it means. But with the rise of SJW's, social media platforms and politics today it seems to me that this toxic form of personality disorder is EVERYWHERE, in both public and private spaces. Has the internet created the age of narcissism? I would be very interested to hear others opinions on this

TheDarb 4 Aug 14

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Everyone gets to be the protagonist of their customized narrative.


When your willing to fall off high cliffs, among other high places, to take a photo of yourself.......That might be the answer! Or brain dead narcissistic too pampered louts.

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