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An extreme thought? What do you think would happen if we all just ignored most everything, led our lives better, found a little peace, fun, happiness EN MASSE?

All those 'power groups' have their own enemies, and friends. Enemies won't sit back. But what if we're being drawn in, into what mostly hurts us? Are we leading our own lives as well? I think it's 'no' from my own life.
Yes, they exist, it's going on. But I wonder if we aren't fanning the flames?
Do we havenmuch proof our energy and time is well spent?

Landofthefree 5 Aug 11

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It is either fight or flight. The enemy is not going to stop. Things will just get worse if we don't take a stand.

Yes. I think it possible for many of us to reply without getting...USELESSLY dragged down.
I blew must fuel our tanks with good things.
So, not impressed with getting drawn into strong negatives.
You're right. They're here, going on.
I've come to think a good life, well lived is a stand.


A step forward is better than many steps backward.


If you read too much into a sound bite then who is accountable for those new meanings?

Forward can be seen as a straight line toward a goal in a world where any direction other than straight forward is possible. From a point in time and place the individual can move in any direction other than standing still (there is always movement) and the number of possible directions is infinite. For the sake of removing unintended meanings into this present effort (the goal I wish to reach in the future) I will use an analogy.

Person A is in Los Angeles and the goal of Person A is to move to Hawaii as soon as Person A can, within the limits of power available to Person A. Person A starts walking East to get to Hawaii from Los Angeles. Every step taken is a step in the opposite direction, until stepping on the Private Plane that then flies to Hawaii. Person A could have started digging a hole instead, hoping to eventually dig to Hawaii.

Liberty, freedom, personal goals that are personally reached, can be reached, with help, in the liberty and freedom direction, free from people who consider people as property, property to be consumed, which is the OPPOSITE of freedom, and the opposite of liberty.

Higher standards of living, moving ever higher, to the limits of possible standards of living, limited by the power available to the people on that path, are arrived at in freedom, and in liberty, as well as ever lower costs of living, again within the limits of power available to people on that path.

The opposite direction is an ever lowering standard of living and an ever increasing cost of living when people choose the opposite direction and people choose to consume each other as if each individual is nothing but a piece of meat to be consumed at the pleasure of people on this chosen path that goes in the opposite direction opposing freedom and liberty.

There are many reasons for these inevitable consequences on these opposing paths, not the least of which is the power to choose what is done with the power available to those who gain power on either path. On the criminal path, where people consume people as if people are property, the criminals gain the most power quickest, and they always choose to use the power they steal to steal more power, until only the worst criminals have the most power and like rats on a sinking ship they sink, they will eat the last rat while the ship sinks, because that is how things work on that path.

When the power available is used to defend against the rat race choice, each individual is responsible and accountable for their own expenditures of the power that they create on their own authority, with or without help, but without resort to criminal means: the opposite direction.

I hope that the above can clear up an misunderstandings.

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