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Diversity training isn't just expensive, it's counterproductive-

"In response to the killing of George Floyd, the massive Black Lives Matter protests and pressure from students," write Amna Khalid and Jeffrey Aaron Snyder, "dozens of colleges and universities have made public commitments to new anti-racism initiatives." Unfortunately, the Carleton College faculty members say such efforts are not only expensive but often counterproductive, actually stoking the very divisions they are supposed to heal.

There is evidence…that introducing people to the most commonly used readings about white privilege can reduce sympathy for poor whites, especially among social liberals.

There is also evidence that emphasizing cultural differences across racial groups can lead to an increased belief in fundamental biological differences among races. This means that well-intentioned efforts to celebrate diversity may in fact reinforce racial stereotyping.

With its emphasis on do's and don't's, diversity training tends to be little more than a form of etiquette. It spells out rules that are just as rigid as those that govern the placement of salad forks and soup spoons. The fear of saying "the wrong thing" often leads to unproductive, highly scripted conversations.

SpikeTalon 9 Aug 10

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Diversity per se accomplishes nothing. In fact putting an unqualified person in a job he/she can't do increases animosity.

You're right, and on at least one occasion at a former job I dealt with the diversity political correctness firsthand, and needless to say nothing meaningful was accomplished.


Micro-aggressions are felt by people of micro-intelligence and micro-ability to cope with macro-reality.


That why they want it

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