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September 1st. That is my deadline for Barr and Huber. After that, I will not trust they will actually act before the election and absent that, they will NEVER act.

A comment made at ZeroHedge by Sara Carter:

Barr doesn’t seem to realize the damage all of this has caused. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge nor understand the radicalization of Americans this is all causing. Take me, I’m your perfect description of a “sheeple”. I'm the female suburbanite. I used to respect government even with all its flaws. I used to respect authority and would have cooperated feverishly with any FBI agent that might ask something of me. I used to believe in our leaders while acknowledging their flaws, using the term “politics” to excuse their behaviors. I used to accept what I was told and hold my anger. No longer.
I now see the FBI as a terrorist organization, with decades of doing to American citizens of what they are now doing to Trump. I don’t buy into the refrain, 99% of agents are saints and would never do what Comey did. I now believe not only might they do that they are TRAINED to do that. If an FBI agent should ever show up at my door I would look at him or her as the worst agents of China, Russia or Osama bin Ladin. The LAST thing I would do is trust them to want the best for America. I ABSOLUTELY see them as evil and against law and order.
Why shouldn’t I? Barr and Wray are convincing me American intelligence agencies are allowed to breaks laws on a whim and KNOW they will NEVER be held accountable. As far as I’m concerned the American intelligence services are the worst travesty to be unleashed on humanity and should be dissolved. I NEVER was a radical, and now thanks to Barr and Wray, I have no choice.

tracycoyle 7 Aug 8

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Thought you might be interested in this. I don't vouch for the site, but they're planning to unload whatever ammo they have this coming weekend.

Which site - no link in your comment....




@govols I have been reading the site for a couple of years. Very indepth reporting.


So many lawyers at Justice, so little time, to bend the Country to their will, one more time! Wish this was a movie, it would be over by now!


Im sure there are I would like to think many that are decent I would think there are more good than bad, but thats hard to say, the problem lies mainly in the leadership, this has gone on so long, not that people havent tried to warn, but there are so many of small mind that when the word conspiracy is used they are programmed to comply. So since the WW era there has been a constant & steadily co-ordinated effort by various intermingled entities to gain standing & place those aligned with them through out as many levels of government as possible and while doing so as soon as a position is won which gives the authority to do so rules, regulations, Laws, amendments, etc are created by said Individuals to make the induction & indoctrination of more counterparts, at some point becoming an exponential effect resulting in the current insurrection.


There is a policy of 60 days before election. Just Dept avoids political indictments within 60 days I. , IIRC.


I can't help but think you are right.

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