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What do you have in you? i know that BLM is supposed to matter but how many do you have in you so let me start!

I have native Australian which is aboriginal I have Scottish Irish French so with all of those in the mix what % does BLM mater? How do we even chose? What about my Scottish heritage? does that not matter? what about the other 2? do we here FLM or ILM or SLM or even ALM which is same as BLM so im a little confused can any of you help me out and tell me what really matters?

AuthorTonySnow 5 July 27

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NO LIFE MATTERS MORE THAN YOUR OWN. Because if it didn't, you'd be useless to anyone else. I wish you well.


OL SCOTTY EIRE HERE u know tha tho 😎
Luv u m8
This man here prolly me cousin or some shit lol
We're lookin for the rest of the Scotty clans
Gonna paint the town fookin purple haha

haha yes i know I like the scotty side myself lol been doing purple real soon haha


German, Irish, Scottish, British here. My hubby is Native Australian as well, born in Brisbane, and also British. As he says "He throws a helluva' boomerang while drinking tea" 😉
The city we live in is predominantly East Indian, which he's often mistaken for, so people will come up to him speaking Hindi and then accuse him of being racist when he doesn't respond in the same language.

nice bit of mix there lol and native Aussie io io io lol I know when i lived in Canada for a year no one could pick i was Australian it was all o you are a pommy lol im like no Australian haha you know the land downunder haha

Could be difficult for anyone to understand him. Christians probably think he is speaking in tongues!

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