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The primary purpose of humanity is to survive until we can destroy or genetically alter most of the feeling life on Earth. This is for their own benefit. They are tossed into the Darwinian gladiatorial arena called the natural world without their consent. Only human parents understand the concept of pondering whether or not new life will be created.

Empathy is a logical conclusion all psychologies tend to veer towards, given enough time. Our descendants will handle that problem for us. They will have the empathy to destroy certain species, genetically modify others, or perhaps merely destroy all non-tool-using life forms they find.

We just need to survive long enough for them to do so. The cost of humanity not surviving could be trillions of years of suffering for trillions of organisms, all throughout our galaxy.

It is not only okay for humanity to play is with the utmost urgency that we should do so. We must re-shape this universe in which we live, steal the throne from the blind, mad scientist who rules it named Mother Nature, and re-build it in our image. Mindless evolutionary processes have no intelligence, no empathy, no sense of morals. It is the worst mother we could have asked for...but the descendants of humanity can be the new Gods of the universe, kinder gods, gentler gods, gods who understand right and wrong.

MrShittles 6 July 24

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Patrick Wood is well versed in technocracy which is EXACTLY what this is. It SEEMS to be the way the elites, multi billionaires are moving.
He is on YouTube, wrote books. Apparently, they HATE all government. They want it like CCP where society is run on a system.
Don't fit the system? Can't be integrated? Euthanized or perhaps used for experimentation.
Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci are some examples.

I wouldn't call this EVOLUTION. The bible predicts a world SYSTEM(that's this, a system) called the Beast.
A powerful monster that like beasts kills anything that doesn't comply.

The literal serpent, for example is COLD BLOODED, will eat their offspring but have a lot!
I take much of the bible literally. I'm not SURE if that's it. Israel will be part of this.

But you're right, that's where it's headed, and quickly.

Technocracy is not the enemy, it's anti-intellectualism in pretty much all forms. Even communism could be useful someday. Granted, higher standards of living seem to do everything communism does best but better now...higher standards of living naturally lower birthrates and freer access to information results in a more educated populace. However, maybe someday we'll invent good enough of computer programs that we can live in a technocracy that can be managed well. Lots of people would hate that...but that may or may not be our only way to survive.

None of those three people want anyone euthanized and Bill Gates does a lot of good charity work.

Now...ideally we would have a lower population, but all we need for that is higher standards of living and better clean energy technologies so that those higher standards of living don't mess up the Earth.

Don't be this emotion-driven or people with similar mentalities who run the world could be worse than technocrats. We live in a world in which emotions are not a good driving guide for leaders and voters. I'd like our leaders to be cold-blooded, to think of what's best for the majority. That'll tend to lead to humanitarian goals and long term thinking, I suspect.

@MrShittles Technocracy is a heartless SYSTEM. People are individuals and that would eliminate individualism.
But I follow the bible. Just as everything is owned on earth, so is the earth also owned.
I am Creationist but not the MS kind.
Bill Gates is a eugenicists who was banned from India for his vaccines KILLING their girls.
He openly admits this. His good deeds are to his own self serving ends.
Look up The making of a monster on YouTube. All of it was ill gotten.

@2FollowHim I didn't see a video about Bill Gates after doing a search for "The making of a monster" on youtube.

Apparently you are incorrect about Bill Gates:


@MrShittles It WAS up, removed. When you have billions, easy, right?
It was up for several months. I guess you have to DOWNLOAD it but not sure.
This one began with his grandparents. Eugenecists.
Didn't you HEAR Bill talk about drastically lowering the population, obviously beginning with the 'black' people?
This video explained the Microsoft scam, and the whole thing was.
Don't you know evil is covered up?
Bill gives to organizations that suit his agenda.
This is ALWAYS done.
Their money(not really), their call.
Here's one telling about him.
It likely gets removed.
It's TRUTH that's removed, not porn, not MSM lies.
Not ALL lies, but mixed.


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