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Kanye West | Bipolar | Can Kanye West really be President?

It seems me and Kanye West have the same problem if you exclude his fame and his money. This discussion is about the manner in which various countries, groups, media, and people are reacting to "the tweeting incident".
Lost is the message of PRO-LIFE that he tried to bring across. Controversial he is, Bipolar he is, the question people are asking is why the law doesn't allow his wife and mother-in-law to have him committed to a mental institution. The light has definitely shined on mental illness because of Kanye West's tweets. The man who made it acceptable to be conservative in politics, could he shine a light on mental conditions and remove the stigma, start a conversation or make it ok to be a little strange, I mean who wants to be normal and boring anyway.

jobluemann 3 July 23

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