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Ted Cruz shuts AOC down after she attempted to dismiss the left's radicalism-

SpikeTalon 9 July 7

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Perfect summation. Kudos to Cruz.

"Cruz’s claim that the Democrats are falling in line with these radicals because they’re afraid is accurate. The mob is just as ready to come against a Democrat as they are anyone else. Democrats made this bed, however, and now they have to sleep in it. They pushed victimization and radicalization for years in order to have their agenda carried out and it worked. Now they’re a slave to the very monster they created. AOC is a direct result of it."

Do you remember Cruz running against Trump in 2016? I have to say I highly respect this man for being one of the few who lost to Trump, was gracious about it, and has been a very staunch and vocal supporter of Trump throughout this term. THAT folks, is a Stand Up Man.


She's a total moron. And a complete fraud. In that the entire left is a fraud. If they spoke what they really think and want openly they'd never win another election. Hopefully they'll be emboldened by the medias utter meltdown and finally start showing the true face of the left


Good on Ted... there should be much more of it.
She is dumb though, so the degree of difficulty in taking her down is very low.
Thanks for the link

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