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Reversed Black Lives Matters logic. What do you think?

MarcW 4 July 5

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I believe black lives matter. However, the BLM movement is something I can't get behind. The condecending way they help us "grow" and create "unity" through division I find ridiculous. Because no one deserves to be treated differently because of the color of their skin. (Do I really need to say that in 2020 America?) Really enjoyed the way you ironically captured that same condescending attitude in your it's ok to be white version. Considering the amount of people including media, politicians, mayors, governors, and citizens all over the world that have "taken a knee", can we finally declare ourselves a non racist society? I think we can safely say we, as a majority, treat POC pretty good. If anything, we're pretty horrible to whites. Also, while funny, it's kind of sad that this version of the comic actually hits some poignant marks.


This was the original b.t.w.

Some really irritating fake logic I have seen being posted by BLM supporters over and over again.


That is VERY good.


I have a lot of criticisms of BLM, the movement. But the phrase itself is fine and I don't know why people get so hung up on it. Everyone knows they are saying black lives matter because they feel the world treats black lives as if they don't matter. The slogan isn't detracting from anyone else or saying other groups don't matter.

The slogan is clearly divisive as shown by the polarization it sows. The name is a false and ugly accusation that non-blacks place no value on African-American lives; literally, that they don't matter.

Yet, BLM actions have never demonstrated that black lives “matter” to them — indeed black lives are secondary to their main political goal of overturning existing power structures by fanning outrage, mistrust and chaos.

If BLM was sincerely concerned with black lives, they would be focused not on the 10 unarmed blacks killed by police in 2019 (20 unarmed whites also died), but in the tens of thousands of young black men who die every year at the hands of fellow blacks in street violence, drugs deals, prostitution and gang wars, many of them, innocent bystanders.

The brilliance of the Martin Luther King approach — addressing everyone as “brothers and sisters” — is that he accused no one, but rather challenged a whole nation to live up to its own ideals. Aspirational vs confrontational. Of course unlike BLM, Dr.King actually believed that black lives matter.


Black Lives Matter; sounds dominant as they are the only ones that matter. Where as if they had used.; Black Lives Matter Too , then it would appear more inclusive and would have been easily accepted by the masses. But... they meant it to be dominant and want to be the ones in control. They are pushing a Marxist agenda.

Yep, I think that’s brilliant, @FEWI. “Black Lives Matter Too” is a call for equality that indicates blacks are part of a larger whole. It’s more unifying and invites allies.

their foundation is definitely marxist

@GeeMac @fewi I agree. Because their slogan just makes me want to say "What about me? Don't hapa lives matter too?" 😆


The original comes from comparing Black Lives Matter to All Lives Matter, and then excusing Black Lives Matter. It is okay to be white was an extreme right winged meme a few years ago. And just like Black Lives Matter can excuse their extremism by saying that black lives are more in danger, I can excuse the right winged meme by saying, whites get the blame for racism, capitalism, imperialism, and the failures of others just for being white. So 'It is Okay to be White' deserves attention as much as 'Black Lives Matter' does. Same logic.


If only it was that easy. Today, "All lives matter" can be considered a hate crime.


Freedom under our Constitution is freedom. It is a pinnacle, unique in human history from which going in any direction is down, including adding or subtracting anything from the Constitution. Adding the concept of Black Lives Matter, is at the cost of freedom for everyone else - a slip down one side of the pinnacle.

As the Constitution is color blind, and clearly states that "...all men are created equal," using language like "white" or "black," is also adding something to the Constitution that is like slipping off the pinnacle as well.

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