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LINK The Last Time Whites Listened to Jews, Deicide Happened – Tony Odarg


Pilate capitulated to the Jews and it did not end well. #PontiusPilate #Matthew27 #Deicide #Jews #Antichrist

TonyOdarg 5 July 5

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I don't understand why that sticks in some people's craw, given the theology is that Christ had to die in order to atone for the sins of humanity. Someone had to kill Him. How does one kill a God, anyway?

There's plenty of reasons to have a chilly relationship with #Jews, but this isn't one of them IMO. Then again, there's that Sarah Silverman quote ... 🤔


Many Jews look white

@kenzie4543 It's debatable. For a time on the US census, "Hebrew" was a separate category from White. Jews served alongside Whites in the military, but so did Native Americans and we don't consider them White. There's even a healthy debate in the Jewish community about whether they're White.

I'm inclined to say they're not White to put an end to duplicitous PsyOps like #MyFellowWhitePeople. I'd be more comfortable with Jews identifying as White if it weren't for Jews saying they're White to push an anti-White agenda, only to deny their Whiteness and claim being Jewish is different from being White when it's convenient for them to do so. That's some seriously subversive shit. If they're going to pull shit like that, then fuck it ... their Whiteness is hereby revoked. 👎

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