I was a cultural centrist for my entire adult life. From 2001 to now. My views aren't really that different now from then. As a combat veteran I have a pretty good reason to be distrustful of Islam but, hey who isn't? Now thanks to the Identity Wars,...
NineBucks FL Apr 18 Apr 18 44
This is NOT good!
OneGodlessWoman Canada Apr 18 Apr 18 44
Been discovering more "sane" sites recently and it's been a real morale boost. Blue collar logic, anything from Jordan Peterson, embarrassing mom, several "Q" related offshoots, etc. At first glance it looks like there are some interesting groups and...
lukula MA Apr 17 Apr 17 11
This website is attracting a lot of people who just seem hurt and scared because of SJW injustice, i see this issue of "fearful venting" as a "cultural fulcrom point" where we can tip the odds in the favor of intellectual reasoning and real justice, ...
SpearCypher NY Apr 15 Apr 15 55
POLL Who watched Game of Thrones season 8 premiere?
Facci NY Apr 15 Apr 15 33
I'm from the UK and the ongoing mess of Brexit is so frustrating for the people of Britain the politicians don't know their arse from their elbow and if its not resolved soon then it's possible that they we will withdraw from the process to me that ...
DOWNEYA82 UK Apr 13 Apr 13 55
The Truth regarding the Deep State. Often times I see people refer to the deep state in describing some of the possibly illegal, and very sketchy behavior by individuals with in the State. Personally I don't see a distinction. The Deep State is...
CodeNameZebra TN Apr 12 Apr 12 11
Who is Ken Wilber? Journalist David Fuller from Rebel Wisdom was among the first to recognize this new “counter” cultural movement. In this article How to Join the Intellectual Dark Web, Fuller writes: “(For me) it mapped clearly onto a ...
2dimwits AR Apr 11 Apr 11 11
Make your choices!!
AZWoman AZ Apr 10 Apr 10 22
If I'm a US citizen, single mom and I commit a crime and go to jail, my minor child is separated from me, right? I can't stay with him not he with me. So how is it that Democrats are gnashing their teeth over children being separated from their ...
vonniecan MI Apr 10 Apr 10 00
Are "new world order," "cultural Marxism," and anti-Soros narratives just rehashes of antisemitic conspiracy theories like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
WilyRickWiles IL Apr 8 Apr 8 55
LINK Meet the Godfather of Cultural Marxism - Foundation for Economic Education
VonO TX Apr 8 Apr 8 22
LINK The Hate Speech Fabrication as Orwellian Thought Control - Smash Cultural Marxism
10thGeneration VA Apr 7 Apr 7 11
A man was ill-treated because of his multiple face-tattoos. Is societal rejection reasonable if the rejection is due to a choice the individual made?
Ian_Newton Canada Apr 5 Apr 5 77
On why Muslims cannot abide dogs: Dogs have been "man's best friend" since before recorded history. From Normal Rockwell's works to Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, dogs are and always have been a part of American culture....
James FL Apr 4 Apr 4 1212
LINK Scottish flute band lead the way in pro-Brexit protest - YouTube
DrN1 Mar 31 Mar 31 33
What the fuck is wrong with the UK?
ZeroOption Canada Mar 31 Mar 31 00
I believe we are as a society struggling because we are lost in our ways. We are in the grip of political correctness. We reject the idea of cultural truth and peddle moral and cultural relativism. We need to seek truth and recognize what is ...
Undothechange IA Mar 29 Mar 29 22
Psychological value of spirituality
KyleRiebe WY Mar 29 Mar 29 33
NativeJo WI Mar 29 Mar 29 11
POLL Thoughts on bully tactics?
Elizabethrose Canada Mar 28 Mar 28 1515
So, AOC's Green New Deal didn't work out so well for her and the Liberals/DemonicRats. Maybe they should stick with the "Sticky Green Deal"... Maybe the Feds should allow Marijuana to be legalized. It sounds like they're already smoking it anyway!
PalmThis NV Mar 28 Mar 28 11
This is called censoring. When censorship happens, a social and cultural backlash occurs. This decision by New Zealand booksellers will have the opposite reaction of what the government is trying to do. I detest U.S. rap and hip-hop because of their ...
Viking Canada Mar 25 Mar 25 33
NativeJo WI Mar 24 Mar 24 00
Keep America Great & Safe
Rking24 NJ Mar 24 Mar 24 11
Enough of this nonsense; anyone who wants can take him on in 2020; for now let’s let our president do his job!!!
Grandmahufford PA Mar 23 Mar 23 22
Indiana teachers say cops shot them with airsoft bb's during active shooter training drill...
SpikeTalon PA Mar 21 Mar 21 33
I was reading about moral alignment online and was interested in its relation to politics. I think our moral compass defines some of our political beliefs. Personally, for the most part I don't believe that an individual's political stance determines...
Claire TN Mar 21 Mar 21 33
I am excited about venturing in to this community. I believe listening is a huge component to learning. For me, it isn't a challenge to engage in respectful dialogue. I can see where this site encourages all of the above. My question is... in what...
Schmitt72 MN Mar 21 Mar 21 55
How does one not despair when seeing and hearing all the unpleasant things the progressive left is trying to accomplish? What can one grandma in a small town do to stem the tide of it all?
SJJensen MN Mar 17 Mar 17 33
Ground Zero Milwaukee “I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is; and thou holdest fast my name,” Revelation 2:13a By Riley J. Hood—Milwaukee County Constitution Party To add to Milwaukee’s woes, ...
Mike9465 WI Mar 14 Mar 14 22
Is Nationalism More Harmful Than Helpful? In an article in Foreign Policy magazine, neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky argues that nationalism can be lead to unwarranted strife and even violence. His argument relies on our ...
Germaine CA Mar 11 Mar 11 1111
Will the last Republican in Massachusetts please turn offf the light?
albin MA Mar 10 Mar 10 11
How close are we to the nightmare world envisaged by George Orwell in his novel 1984? We have Thoughtcrime, Newspeak, Ownlife, and even an Anti-Sex League. Orwell seemed to know the future. Was he clairvoyant or had he just been in contact with ...
benthejrporter1 UK Mar 9 Mar 9 99
The Reemergence of the Drug Counterculture as the Social Justice War
theanimalside AZ Mar 8 Mar 8 22
Mom arrested in front of her children for calling transgender activist a man on Twitter
VonO TX Mar 7 Mar 7 44
How can the government say the DNC's server was hacked when it has never inspected it?
Chipster WA Mar 5 Mar 5 44
LINK Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse - Camille Paglia - YouTube
DanTheMan NH Mar 4 Mar 4 55
HYPOTHESIS: THE ORIGINS OF THE SJW MOVEMENT AND HOW IT GOT SO OUT OF CONTROL Just some observations on how I think the SJW movement came about and what is still driving it. This is mostly speculation so if you have anything to add or if I've ...
graesvol VA Mar 3 Mar 3 22
Dismantling Western Identity. I believe that the source of the subversion with the attempt at dismantling western identity and culture within western societies and institutions is stemming from the competitive economic regime that is trying to ...
Jenna South Africa Mar 1 Mar 1 11
During the period that the Federal Reserve Act was passed, so too was the 16th and 17th Amendment to the Constitution. Of course, many people tend to realize that the 16th Amendment (Progressive Income Tax) and the Federal Reserve Act have not been ...
Republicae SC Feb 28 Feb 28 33
Politicians, of every stripe, particularly those on the Left, simply can't come to grips with why they perpetuity fail to fulfill their goals or stated promises regarding policy and law. They fall, over and over, they must reform and reform laws ...
Republicae SC Feb 28 Feb 28 33
Is the IDW at risk of being infiltrated by alt-right provocateurs?
jnaatjes WI Feb 27 Feb 27 6969
Universal Ethic(?)
Jgladhill IN Feb 25 Feb 25 44
When the day of the rope comes will cats be lined up with the commies? I think cats were invented to convert women to lesbianism. Its a cultural marxist plot.
ReallyGoodOptics NY Feb 23 Feb 23 44
Tommy hits many nails on the head. Things we are not "allowed" to talk about. From gun control to government sponsored free loaders. Cultural aspects that destroy communities creating poverty and racism. Healing starts with accepting...
Veteran229 OH Feb 23 Feb 23 33
LINK Cultural Marxism: Ideology, Politics, and Intellectual Sources - YouTube
BrokenEnglish MA Feb 22 Feb 22 11
And he was genuinely interested in my career in porn
PeterOTool CA Feb 19 Feb 19 22